EST. 2022

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Some of the worlds most sought after wines served with tailor-made courses. Selection will change frequently and updates will be sent through our newsletter

*Note: these wines are not stored at the restaurant and from your booking request we expect up to three days handling time.*

Persona NG / Persona Non Grata is the event & collaboration branch of Persona.

The contrast to fine dining, keeping the core but doing it outside of the box. The messy part. The crazy part. The forbidden part. The unlimited part.

”Everything one says about Persona may be contradicted; the opposite will also be true.” – Peter Cowie

We believe the same principles apply for persona non grata.

For inquiries contact us at 

Persona Non Grata
/perso’na non gra’ta/

Opening hours
18:00-00:00 Wednesday-Saturday

+46 73 570 27 31